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Tuesday, February 1 / 0 comment(s)

its 1st Feb today. FEB... FAB... i wish i could say that things are FAB right now.

upon revisiting this old blog after reading somebody's blogspot blog, i'm inspired to blog here again. HAHA.

each time i look at my archives, i'm stunned by the year in which my blogging began. 2004. WOW. BOY am i getting on in years. LOL.

its about time i changed the title of this blog too. Candid Ramblings After Puberty. gee. puberty. when did THAT happen.
a change.
Wednesday, December 2 / 0 comment(s)

been blogging here for 5 years!!! wow... but imma move to tumblr cuz of the very cool and useful functions that come with it.

future updates to be found here.
Power of Prayer
Tuesday, November 24 / 0 comment(s)

To keep things short, I was feeling really low and lousy because of some things that I heard and later found out in black and white.

I dont know what came over me but there are some parts of me that have become a person that I dont want to be. It was in this moment that I clasped my hands and prayed a fervent prayer. Its unexplainable how my mindset and feelings can change after praying.

I'm also happy that I actually read a few verses in the Bible after it has gone untouched for the past few years and there I quote a verse that struck me...

"Happy is the man who finds wisdom and the man who gains understanding."

I guess my point is that my thinking has become positive as a friend pointed out in the midst of our conversation. AWESOME!

and ITG :D
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Friday, November 6 / 0 comment(s)

No. I'm not trying to rip off some title from a famous book series. It is infact an accurate description of this week's endeavours.

It all began with a really fun night out. I was hanging out with my favourite pair of twins at a Halloween party. It was really fun and we stayed till the very last song. The last few songs were really good! Korean blockbuster hits like Nobody are so fun to dance to hee hee. We skipped supfast (my version of somewhere inbetween supper and breakfast) and slept over at their house and then got ready to go about our business the next morning.

This is when the events began rolling. My friends got into a cab to go to church. I waited for bus 89. When it came, I was so focused on the bus' door that I failed to spot a very useless curb. One wrong step, a bad slip and I was limping up the bus. I guess deep in my heart I knew that this slip was no joke but I was really hoping that it'd be ok.

I limped home and a few hours later, my worst fears manifested itself in the form of a painful and swollen foot. HOLA! A badly twisted ankle. A trip to the doctor confirmed the status of my foot. The doctor slapped on a 5 day MC on me and I took what I felt was about 5 years long to hobble home. Even with most of my weight on my umbrella aka walking stick and my dad's shoulder, it took like almost 40 minutes to get back home. Normally it would take me like 1 or 2 minutes via the sidegate which was MOST CONVENIENTLY locked and unusable that day. Geez, talk about apt timing.

Well, the pain got worse so I slapped on a swab (actually it was more of a very gentle application) of the painkiller gel I got from the clinic. My friend advised me to give the ankle complete rest. This friend has much experience with twisted ankles so I felt that his words were worth listening to HAHA (albeit I shouldnt be laughing now that I know how horrible the experience is) I have to thank this 'pro' friend of mine for dispensing much advice. Its good to have advice in such circumstances.

With that, commenced my 5 days home stay. This has to be the first time in a very long time in which I didn't step out of my house for 5 days. GOSH. It was good actually since I got to talk to my parents more. My wonderful mum and dad also settled all my meals for me! Hurray! Otherwise I was on my computer pretty much all of the time. Cleared a lot of files and organized all my music and videos. Digital clutter can be scarier than hardcopy clutter!!! Chatted with friends on MSN... thank goodness for them. I also fixed a dental appointment, did my laundry on 1 foot and learned many songs!!!

The downside of this whole thing was that my entire leg was so numb from the inactivity that I was beginning to wonder if other parts of my leg would be affected by it. Another sucky thing was that I was stuck at home with a horrendous amount of noise coming from the renovations downstairs. Drilling and knocking sounds echoed through the entire house. I now fully comprehend the saying 'You can run, but you can't hide'. The only moments of peace were lunch time and after 5 when they knock off from work. Its so unfortunate that the very days I stay home are such days.

Another downside was that it was actually a very bad week to be out of commision. Work is crazy and many people had to help me out at work which sucks. I guess I tried to do what I could from where I was which definitely wasnt much at all. This had to be an especially admin crazy week too. Yet at the same time, its touching to receive gestures of care and concern from friends and colleague friends. I guess there is always two sides to every story.

Why I entitled this blog entry as such, was mainly because of the foot, the inconvenience and the noisy state of affairs while stuck at home. However, just when I thought things couldnt possibly get worse than this, it did.

I got a splinter in my lip!!! From a pair of wooden, dispoable chopsticks!!! GAH. Luckily I managed to pull it out.

You'd think that this is the last thing that could happen to me but NO. I had to step on the bandage fastener pin too.


I'm not quite sure about how I can end this entry without jinxing myself again so I shall just leave this entry as it is.

Till my next post. Adios amigos!
Since then...
Tuesday, October 20 / 0 comment(s)

its been insane.

lets begin with my birthday. 25th sept.
went JB. only. i brought the WRONG PASSPORT.
spent 30bux exactly to take a cab back home, grab passport and scoot back to woodlands. geez.
then the 3 BGs treated me to sushi king. YAY.

repercussions... now we always ask if we brought our passports when we wanna go anywhere. HAHA.

26th sept. the birthday celebs continue.
meet XX and WS @ china one for drinks. their treat. thanks!
it was fun chatting once we moved to a quieter (not that quiet also, what with the music just next door) spot cuz we didnt have to yell at each other HAHA.

dunno which sunday.
if i'm not wrong... i missed visiting Hajar for Hari Raya. was very sad to find out later that Mel had brought Chloe so i had missed seeing her again!!!

a whole slew of BG birthdays...
JiaSiMiKuey's Charcos birthday dinner treat...
Su's Bday treat at the airport... TCC with the halloween drink she ordered @_@ and POPEYES!!!
Hajar's JB trip on 11th Oct... Sushi King treat again followed by KTV and Jas, Haj, Su did their hair.

Perangang Seafood trip.
Rushed back to Sengkang from Sentosa Cove where i stayed overnight for Joann's birthday party!!!
17th Oct. Deepavali Public holiday... not a good idea... reached Changi by 11pm only got a boat at like 1pm
took a cab down to the eating place which had GOOD FOOD ZOMGOSH... i ate like i never ate before hahaha..
took a 2 hour bus ride back to JB cuz no more boats by then
wanted to go city square but didnt cuz of some glitches.
ended up suppering at Changi beach without the sick gal and guy HAHA.

e Movies
500 days of summer. funny. still think the guy in the movie was lame. HAHA.
the surrogate. thoughtful movie. not too bad.

highly recommend peeps to watch My Girlfriend is an Agent. its insanely hilarious. catch it when it opens in Nov!!!

Too many 21st Birthdays already!!!
Mel's ORANGE party at her apartment.
Joann's SUMMER party on a yacht or two.

Coming up REAL soon...
Pearlyn's 21st at her home
GG's 21st at MacDonald's!!! - must bring something with G.... Gee... what shall i bring?

MANY MANY MANY meals with friends.
sushi @ tampines with grace, mel, mel, yvonne, cindy before going off for joann's party...
meeting SASA for dinner at bakerzin @ t-1 to catch up before joining HOT MAMAs and BGs for KTV at another T-1 from 11.00pm to 5.30am HAHA!!!
swedish meatballs @ ikea with jas, jess and daph one random afternoon...
visiting Connie's shop in Eastpoint with Feli then with the S twins then with the S twins and Joann!!!
countless other spontaneous impromtu lunches and dinners with BGs and other good friends :DDD

not to mention the POST-AMORE dinners with the 2 funkay ladies HAHA
FINALLY got to meet Chloe on one of the dinners cuz she was in the car with Adele!! haha..
kenna interrogated by them about a certain SP somemore...
LOL now i know how celebs feel when something totally untrue is reported about them in the papers and people are talking about it as tho its real.

Life has never been better. I'm very thankful for everything. Cherishing every moment while it lasts.
I know. I used to be the one who was in her own world. I think I'm slowly learning the value of relationships with other people. I'm still in my own world but at least I've taken a step out of it.

I've recorded as much as I can remember. I dont wanna forget any of this.

Cheers to many many FANTASTIC friendships and to the beautiful, wonderful people that I have gotten to know and love in these past few years. It all began in 2007 I would think..but... come to think of it... it all began when we were born.
Tuesday, September 22 / 0 comment(s)

creeping round the face of yours
spoken to men only in halves
I fear not for it lies true
clear and sparkling
the con of science is no art
I stand here; welcoming
manifestation of what time brings
lest the sky should fall
I will still stand tall.
one liner.
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the thing to do when you find something important is that you keep it close to your heart.
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